About Us

The word, Bellartisan, is made up of 3 words,
Bella (Beautiful), Art and Artisan (Skilled Craftsman/Artist).
So, literally, Bellartisan means Beautiful Art by Skilled Artists.

Bellartisan gives original art a practical application.

The original art, as opposed to computer generated art, is photographed or scanned and we place these images on widely used, everyday products.

We began as a Greeting Card company (standard cards, note cards and gift cards) and rapidly expanded to include decorative note pads, sticky notes, educational fridge magnets, activity books for children and people learning English as a second language, a calendar book, journals/notebooks etc…

We have an eclectic and unique variety of images. They range from fun, goofy and whimsical that make you smile or laugh out loud, to fine art and photography that is lovely to look at.

All our products are excellent quality at economical prices.

The artists we represent and their art:

Bellartisan has a huge appreciation for art and an enormous admiration for all artists who pursue their passion.

Currently we represent artists from North America and Europe, ranging from a cartoonist, to fine artists, photographers, a silk screener and whimsical painters.

Through our products, artists’ images are being circulated and more people are becoming familiar with the individual artists and their work. Repeatedly seeing their images on our products contributes to their art becoming more recognizable. The increased familiarity of their work helps enhance the artists’ chances of being able to make a living doing what they love.

We add new artists, new images and new products on a regular basis. 

Why we do what we do:

A social change is taking place. The pendulum is swinging back to a more balanced existence between the personal touch and the world of technology. 

People thrive on the personal touch and we can’t maintain a high level of happiness without it.

Nothing can replace it. 

Bellartisan is committed to developing products that encourage personal interaction.

If you wish to communicate with us and prefer speaking with a real live person, you can. We guarantee it.

It is always our preference to speak with you.

Giving Back:

Bellartisan is very proud to donate 10% of all our product sales to clean water and sanitation technology in developing countries.

Our Cause. Our Passion 

The materials we use for our products:

Bellartisan is an environmentally friendly company. We are tree huggers!

The paper we use for our products are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Our packaging is minimal, using plastic, reusable, reseal-able bags.

All other materials used for our products are selected based on our environmentally friendly conscience.