August 23, 2014

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July/August 2014

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Activity Books from Bellartisan

Edmonton ChildBellartisan activity books by Chloe and Grahame Arnould are a beautiful and creative way for young students and people learning English as a second language to practice cursive, printing and numbers at home, at school or while riding in the car.  Filled with rich information and whimsical entertaining visuals, these novelty books are fun to use and make great gifts for back-to-school.  In this increasingly  technological world, Bellartisan’s activity books are the perfect way to engage and entertain children away from the ever present tablets, gaming systems and laptops. For more information, visit

July 18, 2014

Life in a Sippy Cup

Bellartisan: Art Meets Education...

Life in a Sippy Cup

Life in a Sippy Cup

An opportunity to marry art and learning? I'm in! We recently worked on my oldest's writing skills with this pretty booklet from Bellartisan. Rather than simply requiring her to practice her penmanship in a ledger notebook, she was able to stretch her skills in a more artistic framework.

Peppered with pretty pictures and contextual content, kids have the opportunity to overcome their hesitation to write. The difference might seem slight, but I found this to be the most willing my daughter has ever been to put pen to paper for handwriting practice.

We are eager to move on to the cursive book next. This isn't all the brand offers, however. They feature a handful of artists who create the basis for their calendars, greeting cards and other pretty paper goods. I love that they've added this early childhood education component to their catalog, especially since we are raising the next generation of paper lovers and corresponders. Developing a love of pen & paper goods early is key and Bellartisan is on the right track to do so.



August 2014


Yes, Handwriting Still Matters — Here’s How to Teach Kids Cursive

posted by Nell Minow

belielfnetSchools are eliminating curricula to teach cursive writing, based on the assumption that what matters is keyboarding skills. But studies show that writing by hand helps you process and learn more effectively. It is important for fine motor skills as well. This charming book has illustrations on each page to keep kids interested and help them with their reading skills as well.



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