Deirdre Bugbee

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Deirdre Bugbee


Born and raised in Canada, Deirdre became a writer. She lived and wrote for a number of communications companies in several countries abroad for many years. She moved to the United States eventually settling in the south where she lives with her husband today. 


Deirdre began painting in her 30's. Her life, and the many places she lived, is the inspiration for her paintings, which include landscapes, seascapes, animals, portraits and her children.


Deirdre captures her children (one of her favourite subject matters)  on canvas doing fun, playful activities on the beach, in the sand and in the water. Their realism takes us dreamily back to when we were doing them ourselves. Some of her paintings include sand from the beach, giving her paintings a 3 dimensional effect so realistic one is tempted to reach out and touch the canvas. 


Deirdre continues to paint and has been selling her joyful and colourful paintings for many years. Living, Loving and Laughing are her other favourite things in life.