Corporate Products & Services

Bellartisan works with corporations and independent entrepreneurs to help them stay in touch with existing and prospective clients. Services include writing or editing promotional pieces announcing new and updated products and services. They could also be used for on-going branding purposes that help keep the individual or company top of mind. Images are often included to accentuate the message they wish to convey.

We also sell many Note Cards to corporations as well as Greeting Cards for the Holiday Season, anniversaries, birthdays and congratulations complete with company logo and custom inscription. 

Among our clients are Investment Advisors. We have a series of bull and bear themed cards, shown below, they enjoy using as Holiday Season cards as well as Note Cards throughout the year.  There is a Holiday Season version for some of theses images, shown when you click on the image.  

To further reinforce your desired message we can alter one of our existing images to suit your company.  

For example, the first image of the house below (Summer Breeze) is our original image. The second one shows how we adapted it for a solar energy company, adding solar panels to the roof, a windmill beside the house and the company logo prominently placed both inside and outside the card along with an inside inscription. 

There are also examples of images with company logos strategically placed on the front of a card to convey a message, and an example of a custom card for Duncan Hines.

A card can be a very powerful marketing tool. Sending a card is one of the most thoughtful yet least expensive ways of staying in touch with your clients and colleagues on a regular basis. You will also stand out from the crowd and be remembered for the personal gesture you made.

Please ask us about our corporate rates.  


Sitting Bull On Bear - Corporate.jpg
The Bull Jumped Over The Moon - Corporate.jpg
Olé - Corporate.jpg
Fa La La La La - Corporate.jpg
Christmas Bull - Corporate.jpg
Bull & Bear - Corporate.jpg
Summer Breeze adapted for client.jpg
Summer Breeze adapted for client.jpg
ABC Logo placed in heart.jpg
ABC Logo placed on Santa's gift bags.jpg
Duncan Hines Holiday Season Card.jpg